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"Masters of Horror" S01E08 "John Carpenter’s Cigarette Burns"

It’s a nice 1hr horror TV movie. The last 10min gore scene is really scary.

Norman’s role in it is quite tragic, I knew from the beginning that there will be only possible ending for him…

Oh, this is not the end. It’s Norman’s character being captured by an underground gore movie maker while doing his investigation in Paris. I was strangely turned on by this scene and feel like such a sick pervert *rob face*. I blame it to that crazy french dude, good job! So I decided to make GIF out of this scene. If I am going to hell, I’ll make sure I’m not the only one burn in there. XD

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    I WILL KEEP THIS IN MIND [Though the plot for it seems super lame ;D]
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    For a minute I wondered why I didnt know about this then remembered that I stalk the fuck out of Edward NORTON, not...
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    Okay okay okay i know the guy just decapitated the cab driver but then he fucking mounted norman and i forgot how to...
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