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Today’s work: Custom Kreon Kaon.

Parts used for people if interested:

Head and Body: Custom Kreon Predaking x1.

Shoulder coils: Micro Changer Wave 3 Nosecone x2

The round fan on the chest is from: Micro Changer Wave 3 Guzzle x1

Shoulder clips: Extra hands/claws from 2x Custom Kreon sets (total 4x)

The Custom Predaking figure has a good shade of dark orange. I think it could pass as Kaon’s paint job even though it’s more vermilion than orange. I’m too lazy to do a whole body paint job.

I added a layer of chrome silver paint on the transparent orange helmet in the Predaking set than added transparent orange. It was an attempt of doing metallic orange but it kind of failed. Transparent paint is very difficult to apply, I should have used regular orange.

For the head, I simply use oil based marker pen to draw eye sockets on the back of a spare kreon head. The left eye is a bit smeared though XD

I left the Predaking body as it is because I think it is decent enough for Kaon too. Didn’t try to match the comic design 100% (excuse: none of the kreons are).

I was lucky to find another Nosecone today, so I got the extra shoulder coil I need, otherwise, I’ll have to either try casting or buy another Custom Galvatron set, which is more expensive. On a good side, the black tank treads from Nosecone and Helmet from Guzzle could be used on Tarn, so the cost will be lower if you make Tarn and Kaon together.

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